La Veta Pass, Colorado:

July 4th, 2008
La Veta, Colorado to Fort Garland, Colorado with scheduled meet at Fir.
Fort Garland, Colorado to La Veta, Colorado with scheduled meet at Fir.

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The scenery is very different at Fort Garland.

In Fort Garland, we film a trainspotting railfan that was filming us!
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At a grade crossing west of Fort Garland, we turn our motorcars around.

Anne at Fort Garland.

Will and Anne pose for a picture.

Looking back at Mt. Blanca as we ascend the grade heading towards Fir and La Veta.

One of the many animals we saw along the way.

Can you spot the deer?
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The motorcar excursion rounds the balloon track near Fir.

It's our turn to be near the front!
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Here we are back at Fir, heading East.
Once again, we wait for the steam train.
After he arrives and departs, we will return down the steep grade to La Veta.

Here's a great movie of the meet at Fir.
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Download a high quality version of this movie Here

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