Creede Branch July 5th, 2008

South Fork, Colorado to Creede, Colorado.
Creede, Colorado to South Fork, Colorado.

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The storm moves on.

Instead of turning our motorcars around at a grade crossing, we used the wye. This wye happens to have one of the only working "stub" switches in the entire country.

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All of the motorcars drove onto each leg of the wye, and eventually we were all turned around, just like trains did in the old days.

Heading back down the hill to South Fork.

Here's the Law.

Anne flagging the highway crossing, in front of the Law.

This is the last photo for this excursion. We arrived safely in South Fork, then turned around and came right back (by rail) to Wagon Wheel Gap for dinner at a local roadhouse. We had reserved a dining room for our group.

Dinner on the Creede Branch July 5th, 2008

South Fork, Colorado to Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado.
Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado to South Fork, Colorado.

Here we are, already turned around and stopped for dinner at the Blue Creek Lodge. The restaurant is to the right.

We ate in the "John Wayne" room. The food was good and reasonably priced.

It turns out that the 93 year old woman works there, and she was chasing after everyone, telling them to remove their caps. Luckily, Ray and Will had already removed theirs as they entered the lodge.

When we came back outside, it was dark. This was now a night run!

The headlight and rotating beacon in action.

If you look closely, you can see the outline of the cliffs silhouetted against the cobalt sky.

We unpack the safety vests and prepare for the return trip to South Fork.

There was a lot of wildlife.

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It was dark and rainy, but you can see all the lights of our excursion when the camera pans back behind us.

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